AceHelp makes online help docs contextual.

Contextual help takes into account which page you are on and what help doc might be most relevant to you.

The list of help docs that we see on "Registration" page should be different from the list of help docs that we should see when we are on "billing" page.

AceHelp cuts down inbound support tickets because users are not able to find right doc when they are presented with all docs with a search option. Let's admit it. We are not very good at searching what we want. 

However given which page we are on ,it can be predicted, what docs might be most relevant.


Open & Transparent

We are building AceHelp in a completely open and transparent manner. All the source code will be open source from day one. We will regularly post our status update on youtube.

If you want to get involved in the development then please monitor github repository

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